Controlled Nanostructured Silver Coated Surfaces by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition


  • The authors wish to acknowledge the EPSRC and Corus PLC for financial support for LB. We would like to thank H.A. Foster and A. Steele from the Centre for Parasitology and Disease, Biomedical Sciences Research Institute, University of Salford for the biocidal data. Thanks are also due to M. Faulkner from University of Manchester Materials Science Centre for the SEM images and R. Valizadeh, Manchester Metropolitan University for the RBS data.


Thin film silver has been widely reported for its interesting properties. In this paper we describe a route to produce controlled nanostructured silver layers. A combination of Flame Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition at atmospheric pressure, with low cost and a low toxicity silver precursor, was used to generate coatings of structured silver surfaces on glass. This approach gives a high degree of control of surface structure, density and topography.

These layers have potential applications in areas such as catalysis, photo-activity and for biocidal surfaces. Our results indicate very high biocidal activity where the nano-structure is proposed as playing a significant role.