• Catalyst;
  • Carbon Nanotubes;
  • Growth of SWNTs;
  • Semiconducting SWNTs;
  • Tellurium


In this paper, we demonstrate that semiconductor Te is an effective catalyst for the growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). The results show that the SWNTs from Te and EtOH have better conductivity, and better structural uniformity with less defects than those from Fe/Mo nanoparticles. This new element provides not only an alternative catalyst for SWNT growth, but also a way to a generate high percentage (92.2%) of superlong semiconducting SWNT (s-SWNT) arrays. The generation of such a high percentage of s-SWNT arrays will represent a big step forward in the controlled growth of semiconducting SWNTs for electronics applications, and also make possible the exploration of some other nanometer-sized tools, such as nano-thermometers.