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Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Electrodes Grown by Vapor Deposition Techniques


  • We are indebted to C. Coutanceau, C. Lamy, R. Boswell and C. Charles for highlighting discussions and strong encouragements. GDR PACEM, PACS, PACTE, and PIE CNRS are warmly acknowledged for continuous support.


Polymer fuel cell electrode growth using vapor deposition techniques is reviewed. The supports, the nanocatalyst sizes and morphologies, and the resulting electrodes are examined as a function of the vapor deposition process; sputtering, CVD, plasma-enhanced (PE)CVD, and metal-organic (MO)CVD. In each case, up-to-date fuel cell performances are highlighted. Vapor depositions are valuable techniques for designing fuel cell electrodes of various kinds with good fuel cell performances, e.g., power density and catalyst activity