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NiO Thin Films Synthesized by Atomic Layer Deposition using Ni(dmamb)2 and Ozone as Precursors


  • This work was supported by the imec industrial affiliate program and the TEL-imec joint development program on RRAM materials.


NiO thin films are deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) from the Ni(dmamb)2 (dmamb = 1-dimethylamino-2-methyl-2-butanolate) precursor using O3 as the oxidizer. The films are analyzed for wafer uniformity, structure, composition, morphology, microstructure, and homogeneity. The Ni(dmamb)2 half-cycle shows an initial rapid partial saturation followed by slower further adsorption. By contrast, the O3 half-cycle shows good saturation behavior. In the studied deposition temperature range for ALD, the films are polycrystalline with negligible amounts of carbon in the films. Furthermore, the films are homogeneous in thickness and composition, demonstrating that high-quality NiO films can be deposited by ALD from Ni(dmamb)2.