• ALD;
  • Thin films;
  • Time of flight elastic recoil analysis (TOF-ERDA);
  • Tungsten hexacarbonyl;
  • Tungsten trioxide


Here we report a new atomic layer deposition (ALD) process for WO3 thin films based on W(CO)6 as a tungsten source and ozone as a source of oxygen. A narrow ALD temperature window is found at 195–205 °C for WO3 with a deposition rate of 0.23 Å per cycle. As-deposited films are partially crystalline with root mean square (rms) roughness values of 4.7 nm for 90 nm thick films; annealing the films at 600–1000 °C under oxygen or nitrogen atmospheres enhances the degree of crystallinity considerably. Our results show that the straightforward ALD chemistry of carbonyl compounds and ozone is applicable to the deposition of WO3 thin films.