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Boron-doped Homoepitaxial Diamond CVD from Microwave Plasma-Activated Ethanol/Trimethyl Borate/Hydrogen Mixtures


  • The work was performed with financial support of Ministry of Education and Science (contracts NN 02.740.11.0863, 14.740.11.0832 and 11.519.11.1008) and Russian Foundation of Basic Research (grants NN 12-02-00709-a).


Boron-doped homoepitaxial diamond films are deposited from ethanol/trimethyl borate/hydrogen mixtures activated by microwave (MW) discharge plasma. The high smoothness, uniform distribution of boron atoms located predominantly in substitution positions, and low concentration of the nitrogen-compensating impurity is achieved. C2H5OH dissociation pathways in MW plasma-activated (PA)CVD reactor conditions, and the distribution of CxHyOz concentrations in the hot core of C2H5OH/H2 plasma are calculated. It is shown that the methyl radical is as responsible for diamond growth in C2H5OH/H2 mixtures as for a conventional CH4/H2 mixture.