Differential of light-scattering detection in an arc-lamp-based epi-illumination flow cytometer



Light-scattering histograms of blood cell suspensions were recorded for various ranges of scattering angles by means of an arc-lamp-based flow cytometer (AL-FCM). The results were compared with those obtained with a conventional, laser-based flow cytometer (L-FCM) with forward scattering (2–20°) and scattering at right angles. Measuring with the AL-FCM in the angle range upward from 13°, the relative light-scattering intensities of lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes were essentially independent of scattering angle and closely similar to the values measured as right-angle scattering in the L-FCM. With a range of scattering angles upward from 2° the AL-FCM yielded histograms similar although not identical to that of the forward-scattering detector in the L-FCM. Differentiation between live and dead cells in this mode of operation was similar in the two instruments.