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CYTO_20942_sm_suppfig1.tif2129KFigure S1 Isotype control staining for CD14 CD16 and DR. Given are the stainings that go along with the samples in Figure 1 in the main text. C1: CD14 versus DR histogram, C2: isotype-FITC versus DR histogram, C3: CD14 versus isotype-PC5 histogram, D1: CD14 versus CD16 histogram, D2: isotype-FITC versus CD16 histogram, D3: CD14 versus isotype-PE histogram. The data show proper setting of the instrument. For CD14 some overlap of weakly positive CD14+CD16++ monocytes with the isotype-FITC stained cells is seen (compare D1 and D2) and the same is true for HLA-DR expression on the CD14++CD16− monocytes when compared to isotype-PC5 stained cells (compare C1 and C3).
CYTO_20942_sm_suppfig2.tif397KFigure S2 Distribution of CD14+CD16++ monocyte numbers for females and males. The data show a reduced absolute number for females compared to males in all 4 age groups.

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