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CYTO_22024_sm_SuppFigs.pdf2666KSupporting Information Figures.
CYTO_22024_sm_SuppTab1.doc54KSupporting Information Table 1. Instrument configuration. The panel was optimized for an LSR-II with the listed optical elements. Long pass dichroic filters were used throughout the instrument. Light is filtered to each photomultiplier tube such that only wavelengths lower than dichroic filter A, higher than dichroic filter B, and within the band pass are detected. TI – Titanium, DPSS – Diode Pumped Solid State, APC – allophycocyanin, PE – R-phycoerythrin, Cy – cyanin, ECD – Energy Coupled Dye, PerCP – peridinin chlorophil protein complex, FITC – fluorescein isothiocyanate, SSC – side scatter, V500 – Horizon V500, PacBlue – pacific blue, QD – Quantum Dot, and vAmine – LIVE/DEAD Fixable Violet Dead Cell Stain.
CYTO_22024_sm_SuppTab2.doc86KSupporting Information Table 2. Commercially available reagents used in OMIP-006. Step reflects when reagent is added relative to other reagents. IC – Intracellular , IN – Intranuclear, Temp. – temperature.
CYTO_22024_sm_SuppTab3.doc61KSupporting Information Table 3. Reagents tested, but not used. ECD – energy-coupling dye, aAmine – LIVE/DEAD fixable aqua dead cell stain, QD – quantum dot, PacBlue – Pacific Blue, Horizon V450 – Horizon Violet450, APC – allophycocyanin, Cy – cyanin, PE – R-phycoerythrin, Alexa – Alexa Fluor, FITC – fluorescein isothiocyanate.
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