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CYTO_22032_sm_SuppFigS1.doc45KSupporting Information Figure S1. Staining kinetics and fluorescence intensities of VitaBright-48 and monochlorobimane. The histograms show the fluorescence intensity of Jurkat cells stained with 50 μM VitaBright-48 (left) or 50 μM monochlorobimane (right) and incubated at room temperature as follows: Black line; 1 minute, red line; 2 minutes, blue line 5 minutes, pink line; 10 minutes and green line 15 minutes. Nonviable cells have been gated out based propidium iodide uptake.
CYTO_22032_sm_SuppFigS2.doc2723KSupporting Information Figure S2. Corresponds to figure 2 with all channels expanded to single channels. Jurkat and WEHI-S cells treated with 25 μM CPT (Jurkat cells) or 100 ng/mL TNF α (WEHI-S cells) and controls. Cells are stained with VitaBright-48, annexin V-CF647 and SYTOX green or VitaBright-48 and FLICA reagent as mentioned in the figure. Last panel shows super-imposition of all channels. Scale bar 25 μm.

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