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CYTO_22069_sm_SuppFig1.tif14786KSupplemental Figure 1 Determination of positive gates for CD105 and SSEA-3. Flow cytometry data of adult human dermal fibroblasts was obtained and analyzed as the dot plot of the fluorescent signal (Pacific Blue or FITC) vs SSC. After determination of the positive gates for CD105 and SSEA-3 in the dot plots obtained from the samples treated with secondary antibodies only (?-mouse IgG-Pacific Blue and ?-rat IgM-FITC, respectively), the samples treated with both primary and secondary antibodies are analyzed (CD105-Pacific Blue and SSEA-3-FITC, respectively). The rate of each marker positive cells was shown as Mean ± SEM.
CYTO_22069_sm_SuppInfo.doc32KSupporting Information

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