Use of a new violet-excitable AmCyan variant as a label in cell analysis



Here we report a new variant of AmCyan fluorescent protein that has been specifically designed for multicolor cell analysis. AmCyan is one of the existing violet fluorochromes for use in flow cytometers equipped with a violet (405 nm) laser. It is also widely used as a label in fluorescent spectroscopy. Limitations on its use are due to the significant AmCyan fluorescence spillover into the FITC detector, due to excitation of AmCyan by the blue (488 nm) laser. In order to resolve this problem, we modified the excitation profile of AmCyan. The new fluorescent protein that we developed, AmCyan100, has an emission profile similar to AmCyan with an emission maximum at 500 nm, but its excitation maximum is shifted to 395 nm, which coincides more closely with the violet laser line and decreases the excitation with the blue laser, thus reducing the spillover observed with the original AmCyan. Moreover, this new protein has a Stokes shift of more than 100 nm compared to the Stokes shift of 31 nm in its precursor. Our data also suggests that AmCyan100-mAb conjugates have brightness similar toAmCyan-mAb conjugates. In summary, AmCyan100 conjugates have minimum spillover into the FITC detector, and can potentially replace existing AmCyan conjugates in multicolor flow cytometry without any changes in instrumental setup and existing reagent panel design. © 2012 International Society for Advancement of Cytometry