Multiparametric assessment of Cd2+ cytotoxicity using MTT-based microfluidic image cytometry



A modified MTT protocol-based microfluidic image cytometry (μFIC) was performed to assess Cd2+ induced cytotoxicity. The expanded capabilities of μFIC, such as in situ measurement, high-throughput, and multiparametric analysis of adherent cells under precisely controlled chemical environments of microfluidic channels, were demonstrated in this study. Multiparametric analysis of μFIC data has enabled us to categorize the progress of cell death into at least four different subgroups based on their morphology and metabolic activity. These advantages of the MTT-based μFIC as a simpler, cheaper, and faster in vitro cell-based assay tool have many implications in biomedical, pharmaceutical, toxicological, and biological application areas, and we propose this technique as a future high throughput–high content screening (HT-HCS) platform for cytotoxicity assays and drug screening. © 2012 International Society for Advancement of Cytometry