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CYTO_22107_sm_SuppFig1.tif219KSupplemental Fig 1: Specific labelling of encapsidated viral DNA. Quantitative PCR was used to assess the relative quantity of viral or genomic DNA in nuclear lysates isolated from HeLa S3 cells infected with wild type (WT) or K26GFP. As indicated, the nuclear extracts were either only proteinase K treated to measure the total DNA content (encapsidated and non encapsidated), DNAse I treated followed by proteinase K treatment to quantify the encapsidated viral DNA or proteinase K then DNAse I treated as negative control (all nuclear DNA should be degraded) A) Analysis of viral content using GFP specific primers. Nuclear extracts derived from wild type infections were used as negative control. B) Analysis of cellular DNA using a cellular GAPDH specific primer set. Note the presence of encapsidated viral DNA but the absence of host DNA within the capsids.
MIFlowCyt-Item-Location.doc45KSupporting Information: MIFlowCyt

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