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Rats don't really like to swim, but they can be taught

One well-known way is “sink or swim.” The question is “What is the mechanism of learning?” and the follow-up question: “How do we remember what we've learned?” Early researchers in the field demonstrated learning consolidation could be blocked by drugs that inhibited transcription or translation system wide. Monopoli and coworkers looked at the chronology of the learning consolidation using 2-D DIGE and related proteomics techniques. Rats were taught a submerged platform water maze (with controls) and whole brain samples taken at 3, 12, and 24h. Two waves of regulation were noted, confirming the previous work. A total of 42 proteins were involved in 6 major GO groups. Novel to this particular study was the observation of changes in Pea15 (astrocyte 15 kDa) at an early stage and changes in MAPK signaling-control. Monopoli et al. Proteomics 2011;11: 4189–4201.