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CYTO_22224_sm_SuppFig1.doc375KSupplementary Figure 1: ABCG2 protein immunofluorescence detection in A549 cells confirms heterogenous expression.
CYTO_22224_sm_SuppFig2.doc615KSupplementary data Figure 2: Flow cytometry contour plots: changes in red versus violet fluorescence and light scatter characteristics of permeabilised A549 cells (5x105 cells/mL) exposed to increasing concentrations of Hoechst 33342
CYTO_22224_sm_SuppInfo.doc125KSupporting Information: MIFlowCyt
CYTO_22224_sm_SuppTab1.doc47KSupplementary Information: Table 1: Step-by-step procedure for system set-up and kinetic analysis of Hoechst 33342 uptake

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