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CYTO_22234_sm_SuppFig1.eps1258KSupporting Information Figure 1. Gating strategy for analysis of Th hybridoma and spleen derived CD4+ T cells. Representative dot-plots of Th1 hybridomas are shown in panel A. Gate1 indicates the homogeneity in size, while Gate2 and 3 shows gating for CD4 and CD3 positivity, respectively. Panel B shows the gating strategy used during the CD4+ T cell enrichment from spleen cells. Gate1 indicates gating by size, Gate2 shows gating for double positive (CD3+,CD4+) cells in freshly isolated spleen cells. Gate3,4 and 5 represent gating for size, CD4 and CD3 positivity in Th1 cells differentiated in vitro from CD4+ spleen T cells. Gates for Th2 cells looked similarly (not shown).

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