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CYTO_22249_sm_SuppFig1.tif25689KSupporting Information Figure 1. Clustering results of the remaining samples used in the study. K-means clustering results of remaining non-tumoral (top) and tumoral (bottom) colonic FTIR spectral images (middle panel) with the respective dendrograms (right panel) compared to the HE stained sections (left panel). The samples corresponding to the SI 1 are as follows: (a) is sample 1, (b) is sample 3, (c) is sample 4, and (d) is sample 5. The images are clustered using different cluster numbers and represented using random pseudo-colors that corresponded to the important tissue histological features. Scale bar = 150 μm for (a-bottom figure), and 200 μm for the remaining figures.
CYTO_22249_sm_SuppTab1.doc46KSupporting Information Table 1. Sample details

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