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CYTO_22272_sm_SuppFig1.eps12KSupporting Information Figure 1. Visualization of the simulated mixing matrix used to create in-silico 8-channel measurement and subsequent unmixing illustrated in Figure 2.
CYTO_22272_sm_SuppFig2.eps24KSupporting Information Figure 2. Visualization of mixing matrix computed from single-stained and unstained controls representing real 32-channel measurement. This matrix was used to perform the unmixing shown in Figure 5.
CYTO_22272_sm_SuppFig3.eps53KSupporting Information Figure 3. Unmixing of simulated 8-channel data using Bar-Lev and Enis transformation.
CYTO_22272_sm_SuppFig4.eps693KSupporting Information Figure 4. Unmixing of 32-channel data using Bar-Lev and Enis transformation.
CYTO_22272_sm_SuppInfo.doc49KSupporting Information

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