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CYTO_22304_sm_SuppFig1.tif315KSupplementary figure 1: Vimentin fiber widths calculations. Two areas are selected, one with single fibers (a) and one with entangled fibers (b). A skeleton of the vimentin filaments is created (a2, b2) and then the width of the fibers is calculated along the skeleton as the minimum FWHM value measured over 20 angles. Lines showing how the width was calculated over the selected angles are shown (a3, b3) together with a histogram of all measured widths for the single fibers (black) and entangled fibers (red). There is a clear separation in widths where the single fibers mainly are in the 40-80 nm range and the entangled structure is more spread out with a peak between 100-150 nm. Scale bars 1 µm.

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