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CYTO_21018_sm_SuppFig1.pdf6751KSupplementary Figure 1. Validation of methodologies developed for assessment of P-gp activity and expression in PCM using DLKP-A cell line. (a) Demonstration of high P-gp membrane expression in DLKP-A cell line with similarly high levels shown for intracellular specific staining (data not shown). (b) Demonstration of high P-gp activity in DLKP-A cell line which shows large amount of Calcein accumulation following inhibition of P-gp function and loss of this retention when P-gp function is not inhibited.
CYTO_21018_sm_SuppFig2.pdf2962KSupplementary Figure 2. ABCB1 gene expression in PCM is not associated with rs1045642, rs2032582 or rs1128503 in plasma cell myeloma although expression of ABCB1 mRNA is noted for all samples (n=20). Significance was determined by ANOVA analysis on each genotype in turn; (a)rs1045642 (p=0.959), (b)rs2032583 (p=0.945) and (c)rs1128503 (p=0.875).

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