In the article published in volume 82B, number 5, 2012, pages 313–318 [DOI: cyto.b.21032], the incorrect version of Figure 1 was inadvertently used.


Figure 1. PSM process for SC enumeration. For each event, the Probability State Model (PSM) algorithm determines the probability that the event belongs to each of the four categories or “Cell Types”: beads, debris, ID, and intact viable SC. The probabilities are used to assign events to cell types. In the figure, listmode events in the leftmost column are unclassified (light gray). The PSM first evaluates the likelihood that the event is a Bead (blue). Next, the model evaluates the probabilities for Debris (orange), ID Cells (green), and Intact Viable SC (red). The relative area of the pie slice indicates the probability that the event should be classified to the cell type with the corresponding color. Finally, events are assigned to one cell type based on these probabilities. If no one cell type has a sufficient probability, the event remains unclassified (light gray).

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The correct version of Figure 1 is herein displayed with its original legend.