Validation of cell-based fluorescence assays: Practice guidelines from the International Council for Standardization of Haematology and International Clinical Cytometry Society


  • Written by an ICSH/ICCS Workgroup

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    • First meeting of the workgroup, Bangor, Maine, March 11–12, 2011; Submitted to Cytometry B, November 6, 2012; revised manuscript submitted to Cytometry B, April 11, 2013, second revision submitted to Cytometry B May 20, 2013.

    • Final document edited by: David Barnett, Marie C. Béné, Bruce H. Davis, Brent L. Wood.

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ICSH/ICCS Workgroup chaired by: Bruce H. Davis, David Barnett, Brent L. Wood and Teri Oldaker; Members

Bruce H. Davis (, Amar Dasgupta (, Steven Kussick (, Jin-Yeong Han (, Annalee Estrellado (, Patrick O'Neil (, Bob Hoffman (, Norman Purvis (, Ben Hunsberger (, Horacio Vall (, David Kaplan (, Lili Wang (, Anna Porwit (, Shabnam Tanqri (, T. Vincent Shankey (, David Barnett (, Raul Louzao (, Peter Gambell (, Jitakshi De (, Teri Oldaker (, Curtis Hanson (, Brent L. Wood (, Dragan Jevremovic, (, Marie C. Béné (, Ming Yan (, Patrick Jacobs (, Virginia Litwin (


This guideline was supported and endorsed by the International Council for Standardization in Haematology (ICSH) and the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS). The project was in part supported by unrestricted educational grants from the following organizations: BD Biosciences; Beckman Coulter; Abbott Diagnostics; Horiba Medical; Genoptix Laboratories; LabCorp; Mayo Medical Labs; PhenoPath; Covance; Biogen; Arista; Trillium Diagnostics; Verity Software House.