In the 2010 article titled “A Meta-Analysis of the Magnitude of Biased Attention in Depression” by Peckham et al. (Depression and Anxiety 27: 1135-1142), the following errata were noted:

In Table 1 of the paper, the first study in the table (“Mogg et al”) is incorrectly numbered as reference number 8. The correct reference number is 18.

In the References section, reference #45 lists incorrect information for article title and journal information. The correct reference is:

Gotlib IH, Kasch KL, Traill SK, et al. Coherence and specificity of information-processing biases in depression and social phobia. J Abnorm Psychol 2004;113(3):386-398.

Reference #35 was incorrectly listed without an asterisk; it should be listed as *35 to indicate its inclusion in the meta-analysis.