Thank you for 40 years

This year marks 40 years of publishing for Dialysis & Transplantation. In 1972, Congress was preparing to pass Medicare's end-stage renal disease (ESRD) program and, in anticipation, D&T made its debut in April 1972. Subsequently, the ESRD program was passed in October 1972, and a new era in the treatment of renal disease was begun.

The journal has served the nephrology community for the last 40 years by publishing original articles, reviews, opinion pieces, and a variety of updates addressing concerns of practicing nephrologists. It is, therefore, with deep regret and personal sadness that we announce that D&T will cease publication with this October 2011 issue. Business considerations beyond our control have necessitated the decision to cease publication.

In celebration of D&T's four decades of publication, this issue features some of our most memorable and highest-cited manuscripts. We've republished the original papers and included accompanying commentary—in most cases by the original authors—on the impact each paper made on clinical practice at the time of publication, and what has unfolded of relevance to the work in the years since. We think you'll enjoy this look back at some of the articles D&T has published over the years that have had lasting impact on the field of nephrology.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues who have served so diligently on the Editorial Advisory Board; your expertise and commitment to timely and insightful reviews guaranteed a journal of consistent quality and value.

It has been our privilege to work with you all as Editors in Chief of this publication; we have the deepest respect for your expertise and compassionate concern for your patients, for your dedication to the integrity of your research projects, and for your enduring support of this journal. We look forward to continued professional association with you all.

Very best wishes,

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Andrew Fenves, MD

Co-Editor in Chief

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Larry Melton, MD

Co-Editor in Chief