• zinc;
  • zinc L-carnosine;
  • reserpine;
  • gastric ulcers;
  • mast cells;
  • reserpinized rats


The present study examined the gastric protective effects of zinc L-carnosine (Z-103) in reserpinized rats. We also studied whether this antiulcer effect is related to the preservation of mast cells degranulation in the glandular mucosa. Reserpine administration (5 mg/kg, intraperitoneally [i.p.]) produced severe hemorrhagic glandular ulcers which were accompained with a marked decrease in mucosal mast cell counts. The severity of ulcers and mast cell degranulation were reduced by Z-103 when given orally 30 min before and 6 hr after reserpinization. However, this protection was not observed when the drug was administered as a single dose 30 min beforehand. The present findings extended the antiulcer action of Z-103 from stress- and ethanol-induced gastric damage to those on reserpine-provoked gastric ulcers. It also indicates that the protective action on reserpine ulceration is likely to be due to the stabilization on mast cell membrane in the glandular mucosa. © 1992 Wiley-Liss, Inc.