Current literature in diabetes


In order to keep subscribers up-to-date with the latest developments in their field, John Wiley & Sons are providing a current awareness service in each issue of the journal. The bibliography contains newly published material in the field of diabetes/metabolism. Each bibliography is divided into 26 sections: 1 Reviews & Symposia; 2 General; 3 Genetics; 4 Epidemiology; 5 Immunology; 6 Obesity; 7 Prediction and Prevention; 8 Intervention: a) General; b) Care; c) Drug Therapy; d)Economics; e) Gene therapy; f) Nursing; g) Nutrition; h) Surgery; i) Transplantation; 9 Pathology and Complications: a) General; b) Cardiovascular; c) Eye disease; d) Gestational and fetal; e) Neurological; f) Podiatrical; g) Renal; 10 Endocrinology & Metabolism; 11 Experimental Studies; 12 Diagnosis and Techniques. Within each section, articles are listed in alphabetical order with respect to author