With this special issue, The Editorial Board of Developmental Dynamics is pleased to announce that DD is providing a new home for developmental Drosophila papers (a.k.a. “fly” papers to those in the vertebrate world). DD's past focus has been on vertebrate development. Our new focus as of January, 2003, is on all developmental systems. For the Drosophila development world, this special issue is only one step toward our commitment to your favorite organism. Another step was out 2004 end-of-the-year poster featuring Drosophila morphogenesis (download it for free at A third step was the addition of a number of Members of the Editorial Board with expertise in Drosophila development. A fourth step will be the appointment of a Drosophila developmental biologist as Associate Editor. We are delighted to serve the Drosophila community in these ways and we look forward to receiving future submissions from the community. We know that you will enjoy reading this special issue (available for free download at the above web site), and to all the authors, editors and reviewers who made the issue possible, I offer my sincere appreciation. Enjoy flying with DD!