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The original article to which this Erratum refers was published in Developmental Dynamics 232:609–616Developmental Dynamics(2005) 232(3) 609–616

During the processing of the original article, Figure 2 was converted from a color figure to a black and white figure. However, the caption was not altered to reflect this change. Please find Figure 2 of the original article printed here, with the appropriate Figure caption. The publisher regrets this error.

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Figure 2. The temporal cascade for NB7-3, NB7-1, and NB7-4 lineages. Hb, shown in white and black hashmarks, is expressed in early ganglion mother cells (GMCs). Kr, which is the first intermediate gene expressed, is shown in dark grey. Pdm, a later intermediate gene, is shown in black. Cas, the last member of the temporal cascade, is shown in light grey. NB, neuroblast.

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