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jws-dvdy.20559.anim1.mov759KZebrafish control embryos at 48 hpf.
jws-dvdy.20559.anim2.mov505KZebrafish embryos treated with 5 μM AAC 789 for 4 hr from 17-21 hpf, washed several times to remove AAC 789, and then allowed to develop until 48 hpf.
jws-dvdy.20559.anim3.mov657KZebrafish embryos treated in the same manner with 5 μM PTK 787 and analyzed at 48 hpf.
jws-dvdy.20559.anim4.MOV688KZebrafish embryos treated in the same manner with 2 μM FK506 and analyzed at 48 hpf. Live embryos were recorded by video imaging (100 frames in 10 sec). Similar results were seen in embryos at 72 hpf.

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