cadherin-6 Message expression in the nervous system of developing zebrafish



Cadherins are cell surface adhesion molecules that play important roles in development of a variety of tissues including the nervous system. In this study, we analyzed expression pattern of cadherin-6, a member of the type II cadherin subfamily, in the embryonic zebrafish nervous system using in situ hybridization methods. cadherin-6 message is first expressed by the neural keel, then by restricted regions in the brain and spinal cord. cadherin-6 expression in the brain transiently delineates specific brain regions. In the peripheral nervous system, cadherin-6 message is expressed by the neurogenic placodes and the dorsal root ganglia. As development proceeds, cadherin-6 expression domain and/or expression levels increased in the embryonic nervous system. Our results show that cadherin-6 expression in the zebrafish developing nervous system is both spatially and temporally regulated, implicating a role for cadherin-6 in the formation of these nervous structures. Developmental Dynamics 235:272–278, 2006. © 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc.