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jws-dvdy.20955.fig1.tif2755KNormal development after EosFP protein injection and photoconversion. Embryos were injected in one blastomere at stage 2 with 3 ng of EosFP protein. No differences were observed between injected cells and converted cells. All scale bars indicate 500 m. A: Vegetal view of a stage 3 embryo immediately after photoconversion (1 minute, 10x lens) of a single dorsal blastomere. B: Vegetal view at stage 5. C: Vegetal view at stage 6. D: Vegetal view at stage 10.25 (early gastrulation). E: Lateral view of a stage 27 embryo (fused from two photographs). Labeling is found in endodermal (En) and mesodermal (somite, So) cells. The tadpoles look completely normal.

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