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jws-dvdy.21023.fig1.tif4100K Atoh1 antibody controls. Transverse cryosections from a stage 19 (E3) chick embryo show Atoh1-positive nuclei in the dorsal region of the rostral spinal cord (arrow, A) and the dorsolateral region of the caudal hindbrain (arrow, B) but not in the developing ototcyst (oc, B). No Atoh1 immunoreactivity was seen in the retina or lens (C). The numerous green cells seen throughout the mesenchyme in the images are most likely red blood cells, which are highly autofluorescent. In all images, dorsal is up. n=notochord, r.l.=rhombic lip, oc=otocyst. Scale bar = 72 ?m in A and B and 106 ?m in C.

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