Xenopus Zic4: Conservation and diversification of expression profiles and protein function among the Xenopus Zic family



Expression profiles of Xenopus laevis Zic genes during embryonic development. Whole-mount in situ hybridization analyses with digoxigenin-labeled probes were performed to determine the spatial expression patterns of each Zic gene during development. Photos in a column show the expression pattern of a Zic gene during the developmental process from gastrula (top) to late tail bud stage (bottom). Photos from the left to right on the same line show the expression patterns of different Zic genes at a stage (from left to right: Zic1–Zic5). Embryo stages (Top line, stage 11.5; second, 15; third, 19; fourth, 23; fifth, 26; bottom, 33). Readers can see the conservation and diversification of Zic gene expression patterns during Xenopus developmental process on the view. See Fujimi et al., Developmental Dynamics 235:3379–3386