Rapid accumulation of nucleostemin in nucleolus during newt regeneration



Nucleolar accumulation of nucleostemin in pigmented epithelial cells at the early stage of lens regeneration. In newt regeneration, differentiated cells can revert to stem cell-like cells in which the proliferative ability and multipotentiality are restored after dedifferentiation. Nucleostemin has been identified in mammals as a nucleolar protein specific to stem cells and cancer cells (Tsai and McKay, 2002). In cover figure, it is shown that nucleostemin (magenta) is rapidly emerged and accumulated in the nucleoli of dedifferentiating pigmented epithelial cells in both dorsal (upper) and ventral iris (lower). From left to right, 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 days after lentectomy. See Maki et al., Developmental Dynamics 236:941–950