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jws-dvdy.21146.fig1.tif4461KFig. S1:E6 midbrain presented in wholemount view (rostral to the top, ventricular surface facing the viewer) demonstrating the relationship between SHH expression and the midbrain arcs, marked in this brain by the homeobox (HX) expression ofPHOX2A(P2);PAX6(P6) andEVX1(E1). Abbreviations: 1: Arc 1. III: 3 rdventricle; MHB: midbrain-hindbrain boundary; rFP: rostral floor plate. Figs. S2, S3:Cross-sections of H&H 10 midbrains demonstrating the overlap betweenGLI1(S2) andPAX7(S3) in dorsal midbrain. S2 and S3 are photographed at the same magnification. Note also the low levels ofGLI1(blue) expression in theSHH + (brown) rFP domain.
jws-dvdy.21146.fig2.tif5669KFig. S4:Sagittal view of an E5 midbrain (rostral is to the right) showingGLI1(blue) expression in caudal tectum, MHB ( FGF8 +, brown) and along the DV edge (arrowhead). Abbreviations: DI: diencephalon; HB: hindbrain; MHB: midbrain hindbrain boundary, tec: tectum. Fig. S5: GLI1expression in the MHB ( FGF8 +) of an E5.5 wholemount (orientation is the same as S1). See also Fig. 5H. Abbreviations: MHB: midbrain hindbrain boundary. Fig. S6:E5 midbrain lightly stained with GLI2 expression at E5 to demonstrate expression in the MHB. Compare with Fig. 5W. Fig. S7: DZIPexpression in H&H 13 embryo shown in sagittal view. Rostral is to the right. MB: midbrain. Fig. S8:With the exception of the RP, SMO expression is seen ubiquitously in the spinal cord at H&H 10. Note punctate and lower levels of expression in the notochord and floor plate. FP: floor plate; NC: Notochord; RP: Roof Plate.

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