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jws-dvdy.21174.anim1.avi2650K Supplementary Movie S1: The photoactivation of Kaede A single cell labeled with Kaede is seen over time during the photoactivation with a 405nm laser. A line profile of the cell was taken to support the decrease of green intensity while the red intensity increased.
jws-dvdy.21174.anim2.AVI1536K Supplementary Movie S2: PSCFP2 photoactivated comparison of single-photon versus two-photon A 3D rendering of two photoactivated PSCFP2 cells where the top cell was photoactivated by 2-photon and the second cell was done with a 405nm laser. The left side of the movie represents how the 2-photon photoactivation is capable of targeting a single cell where a single-photon has an out of focus photoactivation effect. The right side demonstrates the density of the labeled neural tube cells and how it can present a challenge when trying to photoactivate single cells with a single-photon laser.

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