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dvdy21375-DVDY21375FigS1.tif2402K Supplementary Fig. 1.Expression pattern of mRNA and protein forDjpiwi4 .A:Whole mountin situhybridization ofDjpiwi4in intact planarian.B:Expression ofDjpiwi4disappeared in X-ray irradiated planarians.C:Immunostaining with anti-DjPIWI4 in intact planarian.D–F:Co-expression analysis ofDjpiwi4mRNA and protein in sections analyzed by fluorescentin situhybridization and immunofluorescent staining of intact planarians. In the head region (D), a small number of co-expressing cells were observed (10%; 7 double positive cells / 69 anti-DjPIWI4 positive cells). In the pre-pharyngeal (E) and post-pharyngeal region (F), 88.8% (166/187) and 81.7% (170/208) of anti-DjPIWI4-positive cells, respectively, also expressedDjpiwi4mRNA. Red shows signals for anti-DjPIWI4. Yellow shows double-positive cells. Scale bar is 500 μm in A, 50 μm in D.

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