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dvdy21423-DVDY21422FigureS1.tif1785K Fig.S1:Quantitative RT-PCR analysis ofSulf1andSulf2expression levels normalized toGapdh(A) Sulf1 is reduced to 3% in homozygous Sulf1 gt-mutants compared to wild-type controls. (B) Sulf2 is reduced to 0.4% in homozygous Sulf2 gt-mutants compared to wild-type controls. (C,D) No compensatory change in expression level of Sulf1 (C) or Sulf2 (D) were observed in Sulf1;Sulf2 compound mutants, compared to double heterozygous controls. Each bar represents an E14.5 limb cDNA sample from individual animals.
dvdy21423-DVDY21422FigureS2.tif2396KSupporting Information file dvdy21423-DVDY21422FigureS2.tif

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