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dvdy21426-DVDY21426supplementalfigure1-rev2.tif4511KSupplementary Figure 1: Electropherogram profiles showing intact 28S and 18S rRNA in total RNA from E9.5 yolk sac erythroid and epithelial samples. For the Agilent Bioanalyzer capillary electrophoresis assay, 500 E9.5 yolk sac microdissected erythroid or epithelial cells from an aliquot of pooled total RNA were analyzed. Fluorescence is indicated on the y-axis and time is indicated on the x-axis. The bioanalyzer measures the amount of fluorescence in RNA samples over a period of time. The peaks representing the 18S and 28S rRNAs are shown.
sm_file_DVDY21426_2.xls247KSupporting Information file dvdy21426-DVDY21426supplementarytable1DD-Geneshigherinepithelial.xls [dvdy21426-DVDY21426supplementarytable1DD-Geneshigherinepithelial.xls renamed to sm_file_DVDY21426_2.xls]
sm_file_DVDY21426_3.xls80KSupporting Information file dvdy21426-DVDY21426supplementarytable2DD-Prioritizationofnovelgenes.xls [dvdy21426-DVDY21426supplementarytable2DD-Prioritizationofnovelgenes.xls renamed to sm_file_DVDY21426_3.xls]

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