SuppFigS1.TIF278KSupp Fig S1. Spatiotemporal <I>Sfrp2</I> distribution in developing mouse limbs. Whole-mount <I>Sfrp2</I> expression of forelimbs and hindlimbs. (a) 10.5 d.p.c. (b) 11.5 d.p.c. (c) 12.5 d.p.c. (d) 13.5 d.p.c. (e) 14.5 d.p.c.
SuppFigS2.TIF393KSupp Fig S2. Computational merge of <I>Sfrp2</I> and Alcian blue staining. <I>Progenesis</I> software was used. (a) 12.5 d.p.c. (b) 13.5 d.p.c. (c) 14.5 d.p.c. Red colour represents alcian blue staining positive areas and green colour represents <I>Sfrp2</I> expression.
SuppFigS3.TIF471KSupp Fig S3. Section in situ analysis of (a) Sfrp1, (b) <I>Wnt4</I>, (c) <I>Sfrp2</I>, (d) <I>Gdf5</I>, (e) <I>Wnt9a</I>, and (f) <I>Sfrp4</I> in developing limbs of wild-type C57BL/6 mice. E15.0, bilateral hindlimbs are shown. Serial sections from the same limbs were analyzed.

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