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SuppFigS1.tif1793KSupplemental Fig 1. Calretinin immunostaining reveals splitting of the preplate in <I>Psen1−/−</I> telencephalon. Coronally cut Vibratome sections from E15.5 wild type (A, C, E) or <I>Psen−/−</I> embryos (B, D, F) were immunostained for calretinin (red) along with a DAPI nuclear stain (blue). Sections through the lateral telencephalon are shown labeled for DAPI (A, B), immunostained for calretinin (C, D) or as a merged image (E, F). The marginal zone (MZ), cortical plate (CP), subplate region (SP) and intermediate zone (IZ) are indicated. Scale bar: 100 μm

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