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DVDY21706SuppFigS1.tif836KSupp. Fig. 1. The SIN3 220 antibody shows specificity for the SIN3 220 isoform. Western blot assays of whole cell extracts prepared from S2 tissue culture cells or animal tissues as indicated. The SIN3-deficient cells (SIN3-) were generated by RNA interference as previously described (Pile et al., 2002). The blots were probed with the SIN2 220 antibody (A) or the SIN3 pan antibody (B). Protein molecular weight markers (kD) are indicated on the left of each blot. * non-specific band observed using the RPD3 antibody.
DVDY21706SuppFigS2.tif1362KSupp. Fig. 2. SIN3-deficient embryos show decreased immunostaining with SIN3 pan antibody. A pool of 0-18 hour embryos from the indicated crosses were immunostained with the SIN3 pan antibody and counter stained with DAPI. Approximately 50% of the embryos from the test cross are SIN3-deficient and show little to no staining for SIN3.
DVDY21706SuppFigS3.tif739KSupp. Fig. 3. SIN3 is required at the first and second larval stages in order for the animals to develop into adults. A. Schematic of the test cross for this assay. B. 2-4 hour embryos resulting from the test and control crosses were counted, plated and aged for the times indicated before the first heat shock. The animals were subsequently heat-shocked at 37°C for one hour every 24 hours and allowed to recover at 25°C. The percent survival to adulthood was determined by counting the number of viable animals. The results were obtained from three independent experiments. The average total number of embryos tested for each time interval was 112. The range was from 70 to 216. SIN3-H: UAS-SIN3<SUP>RNAi</SUP> x Hsp70-GAL4; SIN3-W: UAS-SIN3<SUP>RNAi</SUP> x w<SUP>1118</SUP>; H-W: Hsp70-GAL4 x w<SUP>1118</SUP>. Error bars represent the standard deviation.
DVDY21706SuppFigS4.tif1132KSupp. Fig. 4. SIN3 187 and 220 transgenes are expressed in adult flies. Western blot assays of whole cell extracts prepared from adults of either SIN3-deficient or rescued flies as indicated. The SIN3 isoforms expressed from the transgenes contain an HA tag. The blot was probed with antibody specific for HA (Sigma) and second antibody specific for β-tubulin (Amersham) as a loading control. Protein molecular weight markers (kD) are indicated on the left of the blot. M, Male; F,Female.
DVDY21706SuppFile1.doc105KSupp. File 1: Multiple sequence alignment of insect Sin3A gene orthologs.
DVDY21706SuppTable1.xls14KSupp. Table 1: Details of Sin3A gene annotation.

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