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DVDY21708SuppFig.S1.tif1064KSupplementary Figure S1. Alignment of amino acids between corresponding silicatein proteins of <I>E. fluviatilis</I> and <I>L. baicalensis</I>. Matching amino acids are highlighted in black. The amino acid identity between Ef silicatein-M1 and Lb silicatein α2 is 92.9%, that between Ef silicatein-M2 and Lb silicatein α1 is 96.0%, that between Ef silicatein-M3 and Lb silicatein α4 is 92.6%, and that between Ef silicatein-M4 and Lb silicatein α3 is about 90.5%.
DVDY21708SuppTableS1.xls17KSupplementary Table.

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