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DVDY21718SuppFigS1.tif12762KSupp. Fig. S1. Fiber type analysis in <I>Tbx1</I> mutant embryos. <B>A:</B> Myosin heavy chain type IIA and type I distribution after immunohistochemistry on sagittal cryosections through the pharyngeal region of 4-month-old control and <I>Tbx1</I><SUP>+/−</SUP> mice including 5× magnification of the boxed regions. No myosin heavy chain (MHC) type I or type IIA fibers are detected in the pharyngeal constrictor (pc) muscles of control or <I>Tbx1</I><SUP>+/−</SUP> embryos. <B>B:</B> MHC I distribution in transverse cryosections through hindlimbs of E17.5 <I>Tbx1</I><SUP>+/+</SUP>, <I>Tbx1</I><SUP>+/−</SUP> and <I>Tbx1</I><SUP>−/−</SUP> embryos. t, tibia; f, fibula. Scale bars = 200 μm.

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