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DVDY21723SuppFigS1.tif287KSupplementary Figure 1. <I>Ikkβ</I> was not deleted in aortic endothelial cells from <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>F/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I> mice that survived to adults. A. Genomic DNA was prepared from <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>F/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I>and <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>F/F</SUP> aortic endothelial cells. Control DNA sample was prepared from <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>F/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I> embryo. Normal PCR was performed to analyze the genotype. No knockout band was detected in <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>F/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I> aortic endothelial cells. B. The level of IKKβ was measured by Western blot. These results are representative of three individual experiments.
DVDY21723SuppFigS2.tif498KSupplementary Figure 2. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) High speed FACS analysis of endothelial cells with PECAM-1-PE antibody from E12.5 embryos. Green curve shows the total cell population. P1 population (approximately 5% of the total cells) is the PECAM-1 positive portion that was sorted and collected.
DVDY21723SuppFigS3.tif6173KSupplementary Figure 3. Unaltered proliferation in other organs at E13.5 in <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>−/F</SUP>/Tie2-Cre embryos. BrdU incorporation in hearts, lungs and kidneys of <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>−/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I> embryos at E13.5 was normal compared to <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>−/F</SUP> embryos. 40X, scale bar 50 μm.
DVDY21723SuppFigS4.tif6104KSupplementary Figure 4. Apoptosis was less severe in <I>Ikkβ</I><SUP>−/F</SUP>/<I>Tie2-Cre</I> livers at E12.5 than at E13.5. Cleaved Caspase-3 (Asp175) antibody IHC staining of paraffin-embedded sections at E12.5. 40X, scale bar 50 μm.
DVDY21723SuppTableS1.doc28KSupplementary Table 1.

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