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dvdy_21779_sm_SupFigS1.doc35KFig. S1. (A) Ordered list of the genes located between markers zK46K9 and zK229B18. Marker zC206L17 is included for reference. A single asterisk indicates the gene where most of the coding sequence was cloned from gulliver mutant cDNA. Double asterisks indicate genes where the entire coding sequence was cloned from gulliver mutant cDNA. (B) Nucleotide coding sequence of genes cloned from gulliver mutant cDNA. Primers used for PCR are indicated. Notes are included detailing why any alterations to the predicted amino acid sequence are not expected to cause the gulm208 phenotype.
dvdy_21779_sm_SupFigS2.doc39KFig. S2: Protein sequence alignment of zebrafish Col8a1 with orthologues from other species. Predicted signal peptides are in bold and the conserved tyrosine at position 628 is in blue. The C1q-like domain is in grey.

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