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dvdy_21791_sm_SuppFigS1.tif21499KSupplemental Fig. 1. The similarities among spatial expression patterns of Xtbx6 and pMesogenin1 and 2. Analysis of expression patterns of Xtbx6 (A–D), pMesogenin1 (E–H), and pMesogenin2 (I–L) by whole-mount in situ hybridization. A, E, I: Blastoporal view at stage 12. B, F, J, M: Dorsal view at stage 17. C, G, K: Lateral view at stage 25. D, H, L: Lateral view at stage 30. The similarities among expression patterns in the three genes can be observed. M: Comparison of expression areas of Xtbx6 and pMesogenin1 and 2 by double in situ hybridization. The region where expressions overlap is stained in dark blue; the region where only Xtbx6 is expressed is stained in turquoise. N: Comparison of amino acid sequences of pMesogenin1 and 2. Dots indicate amino acid identity.

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