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dvdy_21815_sm_SupFigS1.tif540KFig. S1. Polysome profiles do not reveal an overt translation defect in hi258 (rpL35) heterozygous embryos. A: Polysome profile generated from an embryo mixture enriched for wild-type embryos. Peaks representing the small ribosomal subunit (40S), the large ribosomal subunit (60S), the monosomes (80S), and the polysomes are detected. B: Polysome profile of an embryo mixture enriched for hi258 (rpL35) heterozygotes appears very similar to that of the wild-type-enriched embryo mixture. C: Homozygous mutants for hi258 (rpL35) display a general reduction in all peaks. The decrease of the 60S peak is relatively most severe. D: Homozygous mutants for hi1974 (rpS8) display a loss of the 40S peak, a relative increase in the 60S peak, and a reduction in the 80S and polysome peaks.
dvdy_21815_sm_SupTabsS1-S2.docx12KSupplemental Tables S1–S2

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