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dvdy_21818_sm_SuppFigsS1.tif404KSupp. Fig. 1. GFP expression in circulating blood cells in Tg(pax2a:GFP) embryos. Fluorescent microscopy images of a live, prim-11 stage (27 hpf) Tg(pax2a:GFP) embryo showing expression of GFP in circulating blood cells (arrows). The embryo was anaesthetised with tricaine and images were taken at consecutive time points (in order A, B, C, D) approximately one second apart. GFP-labelled blood cells can be seen moving posteriorly through the dorsal aorta and returning anteriorly through the posterior cardinal vein. The embryo is oriented with anterior to the left and dorsal up. Scale bar = 50 μm.
dvdy_21818_sm_SuppFigsS2.tif1287KSupp. Fig. 2. Electropherograms of RNA samples. Electropherograms produced by running RNA extracted from FAC-sorted cells on Aligent RNA pico chips. A: Electropherograms of all 15 samples chosen for Affymetrix microarray-based RNA profiling (see Table 1) are shown. B: Also shown are 3 RNA samples extracted from small numbers of cells (2,500, 3,800, and 5,000 cells, respectively) illustrating poorer quality RNA obtained from these cell samples. RIN numbers are also shown for these samples. RIN values for the first 15 samples are given in Table 1.
dvdy_21818_sm_SuppTableS1.doc281KSupplementary Data Table 1. Tabulated output from eBayes-based and ANOVA tests for differential expression, Part I

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